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Missing Logic | Creating Sanctuary: Healing Inside and Thriving Outside Episode No. 154

February 08, 20241 min read

“Through the course of my landscape and healing garden design, what I have come to understand is that all design comes back to the "interior.” - P. Annie Kirk

In this podcast episode I share my unique perspective with Michelle and Tracy on the importance of creating a sanctuary for leaders.

I talk about "Sanctuary Within" and why it's important for healthcare leaders to have their own sacred "sanctuary place."

We also talk about The Sanctuary S.E.L.F. Solution to help leaders with healing and their personal transformation as well as some practical action steps to enhance your "Being" muscle.



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P. Annie Kirk

🌱 Sanctuary Coach | Consultant Helping you come home to yourself • making Sanctuary space for wellness & sacred shift to happen 🌿 Nature wellness whisperer ✨Let’s create magic👇

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