DIVINE GARDEN DESIGN: Unlock the Mysteries to Creating Your Sacred Sanctuary Space

Simple Steps to Joy, Beauty & Connection: DIVINE GARDEN DESIGN GUIDE!

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At Red Bird, we don’t sell landscapes like others sell lampshades. We offer a distinctive design, styling, and mentoring process that honors you, the Divine Sacred in Healing Nature, and your precious wellbeing.

The results? A personalized, impactful, inspired process that results in an outdoor living nature space reflective of your lifestyle, intentions, and aspirations that has “something really special about it.” (A comment most often heard about our Red Bird collaborations and projects.)

When we collaborate, your connection, mission and story become our "style" - a talisman for creating harmony with the space around you, yielding delight, healing, beauty and peace.

And this is what makes Red Bird, different.

It’s your healing garden, Sanctuary space, serene outdoor place, age-in-place space we’re conspiring for, together: wellbeing for you and those that share the moments, memories and life with you there.

For Red Bird, we feel strongly that your innate style and uniqueness must be expressed. We do this through the intuitive, creative, collaborative process of design planning, flow, features, and return on investment to help you heal, thrive, and flourish.

Our design consultancy services, based on availability, generally comprise of Master Planning, Garden & Planting Design, Project Management Support, Plant Sourcing, Outdoor Furnishings & Styling Consultation Seasonal Fine Pottery Design & Styling, Bid & Contractor Matchmaking Support, Coaching & Trainings.

Red Bird's philosophy is deeply rooted in practical idealism, wild creativity, prescriptive restorative design science, intuitive guidance,

...and JOY. A lot of JOY.


Bespoke Design, Styling & Consults


Full Suite Support, Concept through Completion

In-person & Distance

Master Planning, Phasing, Done-for-You Services

Residential, Commercial, Health/Wellness, Retail

Packages start at mid 4-figures + materials + travel


Curating, Custom Creations, Refresh

In-person & Distance

Furnishings, Finishes, Fixtures + Plant/Floral Container Design

Seasonal, Commercial, Residential, Retail

Commission packages based on project scope + materials + travel


Curating, Custom Creations, Furnishings, Refresh

In-person & Distance

Furnishings, Finishes, Fixtures + Planting Container Design

Seasonal, Commercial, Residential, Retail, Health/Wellness

Commission packages based on project scope + materials + travel


Design Mentorship, Coaching, B:B Collaborations & Consulting

In-person & Virtual

Contract Retainer Work + DIY Mentorship

Planning, Feasibility, Design Review, Planting Design for
Residential, Commercial, Retail, Health/Wellness

Retainer packages based on scope of work + materials + travel


Master Planning the Red Bird Way


This call is to get acquainted and chat about your design, styling, and curating needs. We consider it an honor to chat with you to explore how Red Bird may support your well-being, ease, and peace in reconnecting with the sacred beauty of healing nature.


Because every project is unique, we begin with establishing a deep connection and understanding your ideas and dreams about style, well-being, and needs for the flourishing life + style you desire. During this visit, you’ll meet with Annie to gain a sense of place, person, and project vision. At this for-fee consultation, you can expect Annie’s expert design eyes and sensibilities to zero in on the possibilities and practicalities and receive initial ideas for transformation through our thoughtful, tenured process of discovery through collaboration.


Once your project’s scope is determined and the service agreement is executed, Red Bird will begin to conceptualize the overall creative direction. Laying the foundation for a successful project, we’ll collaborate to conceive of the overall design brief, direction, high-level budget, and opportunities and begin to call out the key elements. At this conceptual stage, we’ll present in situ design concepts, reference images, and preliminary layout(s) for review and feedback.


Once an aligned design concept is agreed upon, we’ll develop and refine it based on phasing, pricing, and preference. Our trademarked Sanctuary Design approach creates space that reflects balance, peace, beauty, and harmony that is responsive to your wellbeing and that of the planet.


This is your final design packet ready for activation. This comprehensive packet includes technical AutoCAD plans as needed, product reference images, suggested materials list, and planting “outfits”. Together, we’ll confirm the final design scope and next steps.


After we finalize the details, scope and logistics, we offer white-glove coordination to sourcing your preferred installation team.


This is when your design becomes a reality! We liaise with you and your dream team, ensuring the realization of your vision that makes your heart sing.

select works

Residential, Commercial & Health/Wellness Facilities

Red Bird has been blessed to "dress", unearth, restore, and conspire with so many landscapes over near-3 decades and with them, the stewards, our many caring, thoughtful, connected, curious, heart-centered, clients.

All of them have one thing in common, perhaps like you...

They care deeply about their legacy and delight in authentic,

healing, soul-touching beauty with a twist ...

that little dash of something special... their Red Bird expression.

They care about leaving beauty in their wake, restoring a connection with the spirit of place, and creating space that is so much more than just another pretty space.

Our Red Bird patrons want to tell their unique story of Sanctuary that lives within their hearts and the sacred reunion with nature that unearths goodness for the collective wellbeing... that feels good and does good.

It is an honor to share these selected works with you.


Master Planning, Curating, Styling, Coaching

Private Residence, 2015 - 2020

Multiple Garden Renovations & Stewardship

Mid Century Modern


"During the early days of the pandemic, I started dreaming about how to transform a sleepy hollow corner of our yard into another living room with flowers throughout... I realized it would be great for my mental health and bring even more joy to our outdoor home... I've rarely tapped into this side of my brain... I worked closely with Annie Red Bird in a final design after working with her for years... she helped me create the perfect space with spectacular color from Spring to Fall. When the final piece arrived - a beautiful bench my forever-loving dad made for me, I imagined many, many years sitting on this bench in my Sanctuary."

- Greg Borders, Owner


Master Planning, Curating, Styling

Commercial / Retail, 2021 - ongoing

New + Existing Construction / Retail Staging

Large Scale Containers Reimagined


For the icing on the cake, my special thanks goes to Annie Kirk of Red Bird Restorative Gardens for the design, planting, and care of the site landscaping. Annie took a comprehensive approach and settled the building into the larger site by creating ribbons of color and texture that caress the building as well as create an environment that attracts and nurtures the aviary and pollinator communities. She's going to be amazing as she matures! Thank you most sincerely!"

- Mike Byrnes, Owner


Master Planning, Curating, Styling, Care

Private Residences (3), 2005 - 2020

New + Existing Construction & Stewarship

Pacific Northwest Zen


Annie listened with both her ears & her heart to incorporate design aspects to support our mental well-being as well as our practical needs. She balances ideas, seeing the bigger picture. Her attention to detail aids in creating a space that is both functional as well as timeless. Her vast plant knowledge, confident nature, and ability to interact with the multiple professionals necessary to complete the project in a timely, successful manner always reassure the outcome will be wonderful."

- Jeri Smart, Owner


Connect with

Annie Red Bird

First, you should know that Red Bird was a name gift from Annie's kindergarten teacher. With that Annie brings near 3-decades of experience as a sanctuary, sacred space, and healing garden design expert, Earth Intuitive, and "true nature" cultivator to a creative yet deliberate weaving of social sciences, design, metaphysics, and humanities, evidence-based design theory, research, and practices.

Her expertise, the blend of social work, bio-med, landscape architecture, and personal development, is behind thousands of design, construction, and installation projects and this aptitude lends real-life practicality balanced with real-heart powerful magic and healing intuitive gifts... create space that is vital in your life and your wellness. It takes a special talent. A wisdom. An openness to read, listen, understand, and communicate the healing and nurturing genius of Nature that lies afoot.

Your next steps for design & styling

Please share about you...

Email Design@redbirdco.io with specific information. The more we know the better we may serve you. Please keep in mind that we booked in advance for new design and/or styling projects, and depending on the season we operate off of a waitlist.

Whether a property owner, allied professional, or a contractor/developer, Inquiries for new, seasonal and returning design, consulting and outdoor sanctuary styling services are welcomed!

Fast-track your process here:

AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE, SOMETIMES FUNNY, and always exploring possibilities.

Honestly, we treat our emails like flowers - sometimes wild, sometimes in bloom, and always supporting wellbeing. We share resources, offerings, and happenings from a unique intersection of nature, spirituality, design, and life. If this piques your interest, you’ve found a home here at Red Bird. Welcome in. Welcome out.

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